Bomber Command Act of Remembrance Service

Bomber Command Memorial

The special service took place on Sunday 31st October 2021 at the Bomber Command Memorial in London’s Green Park. In addition to the United Kingdom representatives from several other nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Norway, Poland and France also paid their respects to the 55,573 airmen who gave their lives serving with Bomber Command during World War II.


Bomber Command Act of Remembrance Service

 Lancaster bombers 

The Avro Lancaster is synonymous with the air war over Germany, and the bronze work by sculpture Philip Jackson represents a typical 7 man crew of the iconic bomber designed by Roy Chadwick, the memorial serves as a lasting tribute to all those who perished during flight training and combat missions flying an assortment of aircraft operated by Bomber Command at the time, such as the Wellington, Blenheim and Stirling bomber.

The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund

 The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund (RAFB) asked Jim Dooley  to lay a wreath during the service. Jim is pictured here with his friend John Caudwell and despite the unsettled weather the service was well attended and included some Bomber Command veterans. John was a principle benefactor during the fund raising campaign. 
Jim and his late friend Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees were instrumental in helping to raise an astonishing £12,000,000 to honour the fallen airmen of Bomber Command. 

This was supported by an international fund raising campaign with the help of the Daily Telegraph, Express and the Mail newspapers.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth  

Her Majesty unveiled the memorial in June 2012. Next year will occasion the 10th anniversary of this unique and much cherished memorial being gifted to the nation.

Jim Dooley 

 Jim is soon to be heard on DAB Boom Radio being interviewed about his life and pop star years by radio presenter David Hamilton.

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