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Lancaster Bombers Print 3D Wall Art - 2 Lancaster Bombers Print

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Lancaster ‘Vera’ and 'City of Lincoln' Print.

 World War II Avro Lancaster Bombers 3D lenticular image

This rare image of 2 Lancaster bombers features Avro Lancaster bombers from World War II. Flying in formation are the RAF 'City of Lincoln' and 'Vera', from the Royal Canadian Air Force.
The Avro Lancaster bomber was designed Roy Chadwick and is powered by 4 Rolls Royce Merlin aero engines. The Lancaster was renowned for being able to carry the heaviest bombloads during World War II and as such was used in many famous campaigns such as the Dambusters Raid over Germany by 617 Squadron, and the destruction of the German battleship Tirpitz, sistership of the Bismarck. Sir Barnes Wallace developed his famous bouncing bomb which was used to devastating effect against the German dams in Operation Chastise. Sir Barnes Wallace also invented the Tallboy bomb which sank the Tirpitz off Tromso Norway, Sir Winston Churchill described the German battleship as ‘the Beast of the North’.

Available in A2 (59.4 x 42.0 cm) and A1(84.1 x 59.4 cm).

Supplied Unframed.

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