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Lancaster Bomber Prints 3D Lenticular image

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Avro Lancaster 3D Print

Lancaster Bomber 3D Lenticular Wall Art

Lancaster Approaching The White Cliffs of Dover

This is a classic 3D lenticular picture of an RAF Avro Lancaster bomber from World War II crossing the English Channel approaching The White Cliffs of Dover. This Lancaster bomber could have been attacked by one of Field Marshall Hermann Goring’s German Luftwaffe night fighters, such as the Messerschmitt 110.


Lancaster Bomber 3D image Over White Cliffs, shot by Jim Dooley.

Standard size: 7" x 5" (17.8 x 12.7 cm)

Supplied Framed - A contemporary looking glass picture frame is supplied with this 3D Living Picture. Sporting a hi quality velvet backing this versatile picture frame comes ready for desk or wall mount display.

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