Jim Dooley

Spitfire with Battle of Britain markings 3D Print

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Battle of Britain Spitfire Print in 3D

This evocative 3D lenticular picture features an RAF Spitfire fighter aircraft from World War II flying over southern Kent and is sporting original Battle of Britain markings. The Spitfire was the envy of the German Luftwaffe and in particular the famous German Luftwaffe General and air ace Adolf Galland.

Standard size: 8" x 6" (20.3 x 15.2 cm) Supplied framed 

Shot by Jim Dooley.

3D prints, offer exceptional clarity and definition and give depth and scale to iconic aircraft from world War II. Supplied framed - A contemporary looking glass picture frame is supplied with this 3D Living Picture. Sporting a high quality velvet backing this versatile picture frame comes ready for desk or wall mount display.

 Supporting The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (registered charity in England and Wales (1081009) and in Scotland (SC038109)) will receive a minimum of 10% of net profit (+VAT) for each aircraft picture sold via online sales.


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